Join the Alliance!

Caring and sharing...

THAT'S what makes us a real Community!


As the name implies, Community Alliance ServicesĀ is an alliance of people with a common sense of community responsibility, sharing and caring; we are working together to help ease the burdens of those who have suddenly found themselves in dire straits and who have 'fallen between the cracks' for assistance.

Community Alliance Services recognizes the needs of those who are 50 years old or more and in need of assistance in maintaining or regaining quality of life and independent living.

Our purpose is to help them.

We give assistance to individuals in need, or to programs that meet their needs directly.

It can happen to anybody.

Every bit of assistance - large or small - from caring people adds together to make a real difference in real people's lives. Let's all work together to make the journey a little easier for everybody!

We ask You to join this Community Alliance and help to make Your Community stronger and better -

Every drop counts!